Changing the file upload size

Changing the file upload size can be done by following the steps provided below:   1. Log into cPanel 2. Click “Select PHP Version” 3. On the upper right side click “Switch To PHP Settings”(If it says “Switch To PHP Extensions” don’t click, go to next step) 4. Click the […]

Which BigScoots server is my account on?

There are many reasons why you may need to know which server your account resides on, for example, setting up your email in your mail client.  By using the server hostname you can now utilize an SSL connection without having to worry about any warning messages popping up.   For […]

Use Gmail for your email hosted with BigScoots

Yes Yes, we know… Gmail is awesome and you want to continue using it even though your email is hosted with BigScoots 😉 Well, we can make that happen.  Essentially all your email will still be sent to/from BigScoots but Gmail will be periodically checking for new emails and pull them […]

Increasing PHP memory limit

For Shared and Reseller customers you can easily do this in cPanel by taking the following steps: Log into your cPanel account Under the “Software / Services” section, click on “Select PHP version” On the right hand side, click the link that says “Switch To PHP Options”. If this says […]

How do I access cPanel, WHM and Webmail?

Security All Shared and Reseller Hosting accounts at BigScoots are configured with forced SSL redirects which means that when you visit cPanel, WHM or Webmail in your web browser, you’ll automatically be redirected to a secured SSL connected page.   Shared and Reseller For all Shared and Reseller clients the […]