Free SSL’s for Everyone!

As a lot of you may have already noticed, we are now offering free SSL certificates thanks to a certificate authority known as LetsEncrypt.  These certificates provide you with the same level of encryption as all other certificates out there. We mention this because the very first question that comes about […]

Chicago – Reboot on VPS13

We will be performing some unscheduled emergency maintenance on VPS13.  This maintenance will be done to improve both security and stability of the server.  In order for all changse to take affect, we will need to reboot the server.  The reboot is planned for tonight at 11PM Central.   Date: Saturday, […]

vBulletin 5 Security Update

vBulletin has released a security patch to resolve a security related issue with vBulletin 5 Connect which affects versions Versions 5.1.4 through 5.1.9.  It is advised to patch the install immediately and if running on version 5.1.4, vBulletin states to do a full upgrade to 5.1.9.   The patch can be […]

Magento Security Update

Magento has recently released a security patch: SUPEE-6788.  This patch resolves 10 security related issues that should be put into effect right away.  We will be more than happy to apply the patch for you, if you require our assistance please do so via ticket.   If you have SSH access you […]

Backups just got a whole lot better!

Ladies and Gentlemen, please join BigScoots  in saying goodbye to Idera (aka R1Soft) and hello to Restore Manager by GK-Root. At BigScoots we are constantly looking to provide you with the best tools to make your ride with us as smooth as possible. Our move to Restore Manager enhances your […]