Setting BigScoots Nameservers

Public and White Labeled Nameservers

BigScoots utilizes two different sets of nameservers, both function very similarly. Our white labeled nameservers are not tied to us (BigScoots) allowing those who choose to use them to appear without relation to us. This can be useful when setting up a reseller business and not wanting your prospective clients to find us, or if you’re simply wanting to keep your online presence to a minimum. If this is not a concern for you, please use our public nameservers.


Our public nameservers:


Our white labeled nameservers:

Private Nameservers

As a third option, we offer without limitation to all our clients the use of private nameservers if they wish. Private nameservers allow you to tie your domain to your DNS rather than use our public or white labeled nameservers. This can be a benefit for those looking to establish a more substantial online presence and wanting ties back to their organization.


You will need to first register your nameservers at your registrar using the following IP’s:


Note: The 3rd octet is different and easy to miss.


After registering the above IPs you will need to change them at your registrar as well as make sure those nameservers are set at the hosting end. Resellers can do this in WHM > Edit a DNS Zone, Shared customers need to open a ticket up and request it.


Lastly, for Resellers, in order for each new account you create to utilize those name servers, you will want to log into WHM and select “Basic cPanel & WHM Setup” from the menu on the left.  This will allow you to enter in your private name servers which will be assigned to each new cPanel account you create.



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